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Feb 23

I got another chance to go and see the incredible children at little Red Flower performing arts school. They do normal lessons in the morning but in the afternoon they do a range of performing arts sessions.

They specialise in Chinese dance, music and performance and they are stunning! They start at 6 years old and they go there until they are 11. They have performed all over the world and many of these children will go on to become professional performers.

I will upload some pictures soon but your next mission is to find out as much as you can about this theatre group.

Good luck!

3 Responses to “Little Red Flower”

  1. Tamsin Says:

    I found out that there are around 138 students and it was first organised in the 1950’s by Nanjing Bureau of Art. It has paid over 20 visits to Europe, Asia, America and Africa. It was the first children’s art group in China to combine art education with normal schooling.

  2. rebeca Says:

    Here are some facts about the little Red Flower performing arts school

    1) The Nanjing little Red Flower Art Troupe was organized in 1950s by Nanjing Office of Art. It is a well known children’s Art Troupe in China.

    2) There are six grades in the school and each grade has 6 classes

    3) In 1978 Nanjing little Red Flower Art Dance Troupe became the first Chinese children’s art troupe that visited a foreign country.

  3. Latesha Betsy Says:

    This group has been on since 2006 .

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