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Feb 22

Another incredible day in China. The first school we visited was in Westlake and it was a beautiful school. They have so many extra clubs it is amazing. They do woodwork, cooking, calligraphy – the list goes on!

I did a drama lesson with a very excitable group of children and they filmed it! The Art at the school was beautiful and some of the Maths that I saw was of such a high level that it scared me! The children are incredibly well behaved here and the standard of focus in class is so similar to Lings.

We the. Had an amazing Chinese lunch in a beautiful place in Westlake. It was in one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the province. The restaurant Louywailou was unbelievable and it was down the road from the broken bridge. There is a saying here – there is a lonely island that is not lonely, a broken bridge that is not broken and a long corridor that is not long! I will explain more when I return!

We also talked about the legend of the White Snake and the Broken bridge – beautiful!

We then moved on to Shangsheng New Century Foreign language school. We were greeted by children singing, dancing and playing instruments. They then performed parts of the Wizard of Oz and Yue Opera. We also saw Huang Mei Drama which was stunning. I have videoed the whole thing to show you all next week.

I then had to teach another session with a very talented group of children that kept me on my toes! They also had a chance to talk about the work we do with the RSC.

So the next mission is – Tell me about the legend of the White snake – in your own words please!

Miss you all and see you soon!

3 Responses to “Schools in Schangshen and Westlake”

  1. tommy waterfield Says:

    The Chinese legend of the white snake

    The white snake moves steathely throw the jungle and, is whiter, than a piece of paper. As he moves throw the jungle he makes hardly any noise. He moves throw the jungle swithtly in till he gets what he came For.Maybe prey or it could be his leathy and oaky house.

  2. Kieran coughlin Says:

    A story of good and evil with the Buddhist monk fahai setting out
    To save xu xian soul from the white snake spirit who was
    depicted as an evil demon. Over the centuries however the
    legend has evolved from a horror tale to a romance story with bai Suzhen
    And xu xian genuinely being in love with each other but there relationship being
    forbidden by the laws of nature

  3. Latesha Betsy Says:

    The legend of ” The White Snake ” is also called ” Madame White Snake ” . The White Snake could be called sneaky as it slides through the jungle . Its as white as the clouds on a sunny day . As it moves it makes no sound too hardly any .

    The White Snake –

    The legend of the White Snake is that it is possessed with an evil ” DEMOND ” Over the years the used to be horror has evolved in to a romance story where Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian begin to fall in love but there relationship is banned by the laws of nature .

    By Latesha Betsy

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