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Feb 19

Looooonnnnngggg flight! Arrived in Pudong airport in Shanghai at 8:20 am – Chinese time! Didn’t get any sleep on the plane due to the fact that I watched Dr Strange and Independence Day (part 2) on the little screen that they provide. Meals were good and Virgin Atlantic were great as usual.

Shanghai is massive! The airport is huge and it took us a while to get through border patrol. You have to have a visa to get in tot he country and they make sure they check everything. Had a very exciting ride in a cab to the hotel, it was like one of those rides you see in a movie!

My friends in China are called Lilly Lin and Paul Beashel and they have already briefed me on what I will be doing. I am going to be teaching a couple of drama sessions to children and teachers from the schools we will be working with. I am also going to show them the video we made at Lings which is very exciting!

I am off to go and see the sights and sounds of Shanghai so your second mission is this. What are the 5 key things to see in Shanghai? How much will it cost me, if anything, to see these things? Where should I go out for something to eat and what should I order when I am there?

Yet again – the best answer will win a prize on my return.

Good luck!

2 Responses to “Shanghai – Mission 2”

  1. Zofia Gagala Says:

    The most important thing for you would be to visit the Shanghai Stadium because you’re such a fan of sports!

  2. Charlotte laker Says:

    Shanghi circus – depending where you sit its between 150 – 700 yuan
    Shanghi museum – free
    Wukang road, it has 37 historical sites and 14 architectures – free
    Oiboa Ancient Town, its a mini water town – free
    Walk round a park, most are free apart from 10 and they cost about fifty yuan to enter.

    You could eat at Shanghi Oriental Pearl Resturant its a buffet, so loads of choice.

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