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Feb 18

Now the awfully big adventure begins!

I am flying from Heathrow terminal 3 and I am going to land in Pudong Airport in Shanghai. I am travelling with Virgin Atlantic and I leave at 1:30 pm.

I need your help:

  1. How long will the flight take me?
  2. What is the time difference between the UK and China?
  3. What time do I land?
  4. Should I sleep on board the flight or stay awake?

The first person to send all the right answers will get something from China when I get back!

Good luck and may the force be with you!

16 Responses to “Leaving the UK – Mission 1”

  1. Kieran coughlin Says:

    1 11 hours 30 min
    2 8 hours ahead
    3. 1:30 in the morning
    4 Yes you should

  2. Tyson shepherd Says:

    Flight would be 11hours 30 minutes if no stops
    Time difference is 8 hours
    You would land at 12:30pm Monday there time
    I would hope you would sleep for that time

  3. Zofia Gagala Says:

    Hi Mr Wolmarans,
    The scheduled duration of the flight is 11 hours.
    The time in China is 8 hours later than it is in England.
    You will arrive at 8:30am Chinese time
    You should sleep on board. It is a very long flight!


  4. Zofia Gagala Says:

    Now I have a challenge for you. What does this mean?


  5. Amelie brown Says:

    11 hours 30 minuites
    8 hours ahead
    1 oclock our time but 9am china time
    No to sleep because its to exciting

  6. matilda petrie Says:

    1. 11 hours
    2. china is 8 hours ahead
    3. tomrrow at 08:30
    4. sleep

    good luck please come back soon

  7. Corey Says:

    1) 11 hours

    2) 8 hours ahead

    3) 8:30 in the morning there time

    4) have a nap a refresh in the morning

  8. Lewis Says:

    1) flight is 11 hours and 13 minutes

    2)time difference is 8 hours ahead

    3) landing time 12:43 pm in UK but 8:30 in China

    4) sleep for at least 9 hours so you can be awake at landing

    P.S. bring hazard boiled sweets to suck on at take off and landing (or your ears pop and it hurts)

  9. Gracie Sloan Says:

    1. 11 hours
    2. 8 hrs ahead
    3 8.30 in the morning
    4.yes have a little siesta

    Have a great time looking forward to hearing all about it
    We have checked your flight looks like its on time 😁😁

  10. Darcy Evelyn Says:

    1) 8+ hours ahead
    2) 8 hours +
    3) land at 9:30
    4) and because you are leaving in the day dont sleep

  11. Teejay Says:

    1.11 hours
    2. 8 hours
    4. when it gets dark

    I hope you love the experience and i’ll see you the week after.

  12. tommy waterfield Says:

    1, 11 hours
    2 8 hours ahead
    3 if you leave at 1.30pm you should arrive in china at 12.30am in morning
    4 i would expect you to have a sleep.

  13. Sumaya Says:

    1. 11 hours and 30 minutes
    2. 8 hours ahead
    3. 8.30 in the morning
    4.hope you have a good time in China

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