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Jul 03


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So tomorrow I head off to Minecon2015 and I am very excited! I really enjoy the game and have played it on my x box one with my daughter Delilah. We spent a lot of time being destroyed in one way or another on survival mode! We then realised that only by working together could we get to where we wanted to get to!

So I need some suggestions for tomorrow! Who do I speak to? Who is important? Who do I need to get signatures from? Help!

3 Responses to “Minecraft”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Reece and Emma says that you should try and get signatures and photos from Lachlan Craft Battle Duty, Vikk Star and Ali A.

  2. Cayden Brown Says:

    It really wish I was going so I could meet stampy long nose and I ballistic squid and big b stats, amy lee

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