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Feb 23

Little Red Flower

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I got another chance to go and see the incredible children at little Red Flower performing arts school. They do normal lessons in the morning but in the afternoon they do a range of performing arts sessions.

They specialise in Chinese dance, music and performance and they are stunning! They start at 6 years old and they go there until they are 11. They have performed all over the world and many of these children will go on to become professional performers.

I will upload some pictures soon but your next mission is to find out as much as you can about this theatre group.

Good luck!

Feb 22

Another incredible day in China. The first school we visited was in Westlake and it was a beautiful school. They have so many extra clubs it is amazing. They do woodwork, cooking, calligraphy – the list goes on!

I did a drama lesson with a very excitable group of children and they filmed it! The Art at the school was beautiful and some of the Maths that I saw was of such a high level that it scared me! The children are incredibly well behaved here and the standard of focus in class is so similar to Lings.

We the. Had an amazing Chinese lunch in a beautiful place in Westlake. It was in one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the province. The restaurant Louywailou was unbelievable and it was down the road from the broken bridge. There is a saying here – there is a lonely island that is not lonely, a broken bridge that is not broken and a long corridor that is not long! I will explain more when I return!

We also talked about the legend of the White Snake and the Broken bridge – beautiful!

We then moved on to Shangsheng New Century Foreign language school. We were greeted by children singing, dancing and playing instruments. They then performed parts of the Wizard of Oz and Yue Opera. We also saw Huang Mei Drama which was stunning. I have videoed the whole thing to show you all next week.

I then had to teach another session with a very talented group of children that kept me on my toes! They also had a chance to talk about the work we do with the RSC.

So the next mission is – Tell me about the legend of the White snake – in your own words please!

Miss you all and see you soon!

Feb 20


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Feb 20

To say that today was mind-blowing would be an understatement! I have experienced the Chinese school system first hand and have been inspired by what I have seen – you guys would love it! So where do I begin?

The start of the day was waking up at 5:00 am and leaving by 6:30 am via a taxi. Let me just say right from the beginning that driving in Shanghai is madness. You have bicycles, you have scooters, you have pedestrians and you have so many cars. They also all work by their own rules so everyone goes everywhere – it is literally organised chaos, but it works! There were a few times when I had to close my eyes but we got there in the end.

We jumped on board a high speed train and we were off. Some of these trains can travel over 200 miles an hour which means they are incredibly fast. Ours didn’t go this fast but it was definitely an experience! We were picked up from the station in our own car, which made me feel a bit like a movie star – a very tired one.

We were taken to the Schangcheng district in Hangzhou, google it, and we visited our first school which was called Tiandi. The school name literacy means the Sky and the Earth and it was awesome! There was a group of staff there when we arrived and they invited us in like VIP guests. They had the school band there and they played the drums to invite us in to their school, happy smiling faces and great music – definitely my idea of a Lings welcome. All the teachers that visited our school last year were there as well and they all asked how you were doing? They said they loved their visit so much that they had come back and talked to others about what they had done.

They then took us to the hall and on the way there they were talking about my lesson that I was going to teach. When I got to the hall I saw that there was about 100 delegates waiting for me to talk – panic! But as we always say – growth mindset and come out of your comfort zone. Year 6 I did a lot of Don’t Panic and bit by bit!

I then did a talk about Lings and showed them some pictures and talked about some of the great things you do. I also had to teach a LIVE drama lesson with a great bunch of children and a LIVE drama lesson to a group of staff. It was superb and I had such a great time doing it.

The school was incredible and I have included some pictures.

We then got the chance to visit two more brilliant schools in Hanzhou and they were the Wahaha school and the Shidai school. Both were so welcoming and friendly and the work they are doing in the creative arts is superb.

I have included some pictures of the day and I can honestly say it has been an exceptional visit. Everyone says hi and they can’t wait to start working with all of us.


Mission 3 – Tell me all there is to know about Hangzhou and the schooling system in the district? I met the director of education tonight and need to know as much about his area as possible – HELP! Do not just copy text and paste it!


See you all soon!


Mr W

Feb 19


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Unbelievable city! Have a look!

Feb 19

Shanghai – Mission 2

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Looooonnnnngggg flight! Arrived in Pudong airport in Shanghai at 8:20 am – Chinese time! Didn’t get any sleep on the plane due to the fact that I watched Dr Strange and Independence Day (part 2) on the little screen that they provide. Meals were good and Virgin Atlantic were great as usual.

Shanghai is massive! The airport is huge and it took us a while to get through border patrol. You have to have a visa to get in tot he country and they make sure they check everything. Had a very exciting ride in a cab to the hotel, it was like one of those rides you see in a movie!

My friends in China are called Lilly Lin and Paul Beashel and they have already briefed me on what I will be doing. I am going to be teaching a couple of drama sessions to children and teachers from the schools we will be working with. I am also going to show them the video we made at Lings which is very exciting!

I am off to go and see the sights and sounds of Shanghai so your second mission is this. What are the 5 key things to see in Shanghai? How much will it cost me, if anything, to see these things? Where should I go out for something to eat and what should I order when I am there?

Yet again – the best answer will win a prize on my return.

Good luck!

Feb 18

Now the awfully big adventure begins!

I am flying from Heathrow terminal 3 and I am going to land in Pudong Airport in Shanghai. I am travelling with Virgin Atlantic and I leave at 1:30 pm.

I need your help:

  1. How long will the flight take me?
  2. What is the time difference between the UK and China?
  3. What time do I land?
  4. Should I sleep on board the flight or stay awake?

The first person to send all the right answers will get something from China when I get back!

Good luck and may the force be with you!

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Feb 17

Nearly time

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Tomorrow I will setting off to meet our new friends in China! I have made a video of the school and I am taking over some gifts from Lings! Hopefully you will be able to keep up to date on the blogs!

Sep 16

Great first week

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it has been a brilliant week at Lings! 


Jul 05

Day two

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Shaping up to be a great day! Got loads of signatures and some great pictures.